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No Title Version Description Release Date Size Release Notes Download
1 eSubmission Viewer 02.04.00 02.04.00

eSubmission Viewer capable of displaying dossiers in GHSTS and CADDY-xml format. Supports 32bit and 64bit Windows.

Version 02.04.00:

- support to use main.caddy to launch the viewer on doubleclick (if MIME-Type is registered)

- tabs automatically reload XML backbone file upon change (e.g. when republished in eSubmission builder)

2020-07-30 52 MB Link
2 eSubmission Viewer Guide 1.3 1.3

eSubmission Viewer Guide, focussing on installation and working with CADDY-xml dossiers

Version 1.3: Update with signed setup files (Publisher: ditemis GmbH)

2019-09-03 756 kB Link
3 GHSTS 02.00.00 viewer walkthrough 02.00.00

Document with graphical viewer walkthrough to demonstrate main viewer functions in GHSTS viewer 02.00.00

2016-06-08 2,3 MB Link