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No Title Version Description Release Date Size Release Notes Download
1 eSubmission builder release 1.1.1 1.1.1

eSubmission builder release 1.1.1, with functional extensions, IUCLID upload functionality and fixes

This release contains a bugfix for release 1.1.0, preventing dossier versions to be locked with legal entities as sender/recipient that contained one or more contacts.

For a standard installation see installation and startup instructions

If you work with 1.1.0 and want to keep existing data entered previously, please do the following:

  1. Shutdown Server
  2. Delete old WAR deployment: …/standalone/deployment/esub-builder-war-1.1.0.war and the file with same prefix and the suffix .deployed
  3. Copy in WAR deployment from new distribution: …/standalone/deployment/esub-builder-war-1.1.1.war
  4. Start Server

Make sure, you see the version info 1.1.1 on the dashboard.

Note: This patch cannot be applied when running on 1.0.0. In this case you need to install the new version. To keep your data you may export your old data as CADDY dossier and then reimport in the new release.


2021-05-20 195 MB Link
2 eSubmission Builder brochure (PDF) 1.1.0

eSubmission Builder brochure (as PDF) for the release 1.1.0

2021-03-16 1,64 MB Link