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The following table contains the downloads available for the selected criteria. To download an item please click on the link in the last column. The item will eventually be directly displayed in a new tab of the browser windows

No Title Version Description Release Date Size Release Notes Download
1 EU ToC for chemical AI 01.00 Revised EU Table of Contents for Active Substance (KCA) 2013-07-03 51 kB Link
2 EU ToC for chemical PPP 01.01 Revised EU Table of Contents for chemical plant protection products (KCP) 2014-03-11 51 kB Link
3 dRR ToC for chemical PPP 2016-07-01

ToC for registration of chemical products in dRR format

2017-03-29 29kB Link
4 EU ToC for micro-organisms and viruses 2021-03-10

Excel containing two ToCs for the registration of microbial / virus pest control agent and product.

Change to the previous version: Correction of errors in Documents M & L

2021-03-10 29kB Link
5 dRR ToC for micro-organisms and viruses

ToC for the registration of microbials / virus in dRR format

This ToC may eventually be outdated, use at own risk and align with the RMS.

2018-01-19 17 kB Link