CADDY Conformity Check (legacy software)

+++ Please note that the CADDY Conformity Check has been replaced by the new eSubmission Validator. Please see the new eSubmission Validator page. This page is kept for archiving reasons but is no longer maintained. +++


In order to use CADDY-xml dossiers for exchange and archiving purposes an additional conformity test or validation software is needed. This software is called CADDY-xml Conformity Checker (CxCC).

The CxCC reports if a dossier conforms to the CADDY-xml format specification. Additionally the CxCC can be used to compare dossiers to analyze the changes between dossier versions.

Please note that the CxCC needs to be regularly updated to retrieve the latest test definitions (CCS – CADDY Control Sets) online, to cover the latest CADDY-xml specification. Please see the Update Button in the upper right part of the application window.

User interface

The screenshot shows the user interface of the CxCC.

The interface contains the following main sections:

  • Section “Submission Data”: Selection of the submission directory (the other fields do not have to be filled or are filled automatically)
  • Section “Configuration Set”: Selection of the ruleset to be applied. Make sure to select the latest toolset available. Note: The display order is not identical to the versioning order!
  • Section “Standard ToC”: This section can be ignored, as there are no official CADDY-xml ToCs to be validated against.
  • Section “Contact information for reports”: Please supply the contact information that is to be put into the generated validation report.
  • Section “Extended Checks”: Please check the three options as displayed in the screenshot. The other two options can be ignored.

Technical characteristics

(for version 03.07.00):

  • CxCC requires an installed Java 7 runtime environment. It will not work with older Java versions.
  • The installer will will run on both 32- and 64-bit Java, no more separate installers are required.
  • The version contains the latest JHOVE library for PDF/A conformity testing (see remarks above about PDF/A checks)
  • The version will only verify MD5 checksums that are contained in the latest submission.
  • Removal of test that a directory must only contain 500 files, in accordance to the corresponding specification change.
  • A new rule definition file for specification version 03.07.00 is available.

Known limitations

  • The CxCC is not capable to test dossiers that are stored on a network drive that is defined by a UNC path. Please use drive letters for network drives instead.
  • The CxCC cannot test dossiers where the attribute xmlVersion in the XML backbone is set to values other than “3.0.0”, “03.06.00”, “03.06.01” and “03.07.00”. For other values (e.g. “3.0.5”) no appropriate rule definition file (CSS – CADDY Control Set) is provided. Please use the latest CADDY-xml standard for submission and the latest CxCC for conformity testing.
  • The CxCC performs PDF/A checks on the supplied PDF documents. Please note that the checks are done using an opensource library which does not aim to perform a fully qualified PDF validation comparable to a commercial PDF validator software. Differences of validation results between the CxCC and other tools and even between commcerical high-end tools can occur.
  • Please do not use the test option “TOC format checks” and ignore the listbox labelled “Standard ToC”: The ability to test the ToC of a submission against a master ToC template has been implemented, but never been actively used, because there is no stakeholder to publish and maintain “official” ToCs in the required XML format. This is not a task where CropLife Europe as industry association can take ownership for.

The CADDY-xml Conformity Checker contains a help functionality which is installed with the downloads.

CADDY-xml Conformity Test Guidelines

CADDY dossiers should be checked by the submitting companies using the CADDY-xml Conformity Checker (CxCC) for CADDY-xml dossiers before they are distributed to Member States, to ensure that the dossiers comply with the CADDY Format Specification.

Member States are advised to check incoming CADDY-xml dossiers with the CADDY-xml Conformity Checker (CxCC) for CADDY. Where dossiers are found to be non-compliant, Member States are advised to return them to the submitter and request that they be corrected.

Checking against ToC

The CADDY-xml Conformity Check (CxCC) offers also an extend check to validate the submitted dossier against a Standard ToC that can be selected from a list. The software also offers to update the lists of ToCs from this CLE website.
This functionality is currently not maintained, as the ToCs have never reached an official status.