IUCLID Integration Platform

The IUCLID Integration Platform (IIP) from CropLife Europe is a platform to supply additional data import services for a connected and running IUCLID instance, that the IUCLID web interface does not supply.

The core of the IIP is the display of arbitrary documents in its own interface, based on the document definition and document data retrieved from the connected IUCLID instance. The IIP is therefore not restricted to specific document types or fields, but will dynamically adapt to new document types as long as the supported syntax for data and definition stays the same.

Based on this core of dynamic document display, the IIP supports currently two main use cases:


Efficient upload of metadata and attachments for the following IUCLID entities:

  • Literature references (for GLP study reports and publications plus associated metadata)
  • Reference substance

As input, the IIP processes a CSV (Comma separated value) file of a predefined structure – that can for example be generated from Excel or an inhouse reporting tool – plus referenced attachments (like the PDF for study reports). This allows companies to prepare this CSV data from existing inhouse data / systems and then create or update a running IUCLID instance with this information in one batch, without having to manually enter the values in the IUCLID web interface field by field. This ensures better data quality and increases the efficiency of filling IUCLID.

The CSV is dependent on and derived from the IUCLID format that is subject of change for every major IUCLID version (the next major version is scheduled for Q1/2023). Due to the format changes, you need to choose the correct template, dependent on what IUCLID version you connect to. We will supply CSV templates for the supported IUCLID format in a resources ZIP file. This file is available on this web server either via in the download section for the IIP or from within the IIP application in the “admin” perspective. The resources file will be updated once a format change requires a change in the CSV templates or new entity types will be supported.

For more details, see the respective subpage about CSV-import.

Tabular data entry

The entry of tabular data in IUCLID is very time-consuming, as each cell has to be filled individually. With the IIP, the user can copy a table from a worksheet (e.g. Excel) into a real tabular display in one go via the Windows clipboard. Also ranges, individual lines and columns are possible.

For more details, see the respective subpage about tabular data entry

Getting started

Opening the IIP

The IIP is a browser-based application. If you have installed the IIP on your local PC, you can use the startup shortcut in the root installation directory. If the IIP is installed on a server, you need to ask you admin for the URL. It is recommended to create a browser bookmark for quick access.

Using the IIP

You do not need to log on to the IIP. However you need to supply the URL and username/password with which you want to connect the IIP to a running IUCLID instance, this information is specific to you. This is done in the Administration perspective (see the wrench icon in the left navigation bar). For security reasons, this information is stored in your local browser storage and not on the IIP. The IIP stores only one set of URL / username / password.

You can open multiple browser tabs to connect to the IIP. Each tab is a completely separate session and activities do not propagate on the other tabs. Within a new tab you can update the IUCLID connection information (eg. different user, or different IUCLID instance) and then this session uses the updated settings. Other tabs continue to use their previous settings, which are displayed next to the connection status icon.

In case multiple users use the very same IUCLID connection settings from different clients at the same time, their session would also not interfere. Of course, changes done to IUCLID data could not be distinguished in the IUCLID modification history.

IUCLID support

The version 1.1.0 of the IIP has been developed and tested with the major IUCLID6 version 6.2.0 from October 2021. As long as ECHA does not change the syntax on how document types are defined, the IIP will be able to cope with format changes in future versions, eventually using new CSV templates.

The IIP requires a live connection to a running IUCLID instance and communicates via the REST API (Application Programming Interface) provided by ECHA. Unfortunately, this API is not supported by ECHA for IUCLID instances in the ECHA cloud. Therefore, the IIP has to be used in conjunction with an on-premises installation of IUCLID.


As with all software supplied by CropLife Europe, please note the License Agreement. Use at own risk!


The IIP will serve as platform to support additional types of efficient import and data entry into IUCLID, further use cases have been collected. In addition, the IIP is also extensible to become a management console to show aggregated information about datasets. If you have a specific use case in mind, please let us know. Dependent on acceptance and feedback the eSEG group will decide upon future extensions.

As with other CropLife Europe tools, the source code can be requested on demand to collaborate to the development, provided that extensions are made available for the general public again. The CropLife Europe eSEG invites all parties to contribute to and maintain the IIP.