Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the CropLife Europe eSubmission builder be used free of charge?
Yes, you can use the software without any costs. Please see the general CropLife Europe terms and license agreements.

Q: Will there be future releases?
A: As of 1/2023 there are no further releases with functional extensions planned. Standard software maintenance will be supplied. The eSubmission builder is intended to provide core submission features and to allow companies to extend the software for their own needs, at their own costs.

Q: For my new dossiers I want to use a different Table of contents (ToC) as the OECD PPP one, which is the only provided ToC template. What can I do?
A: You can import an existing CADDY-xml dossier with appropriate ToC and create a ToC template from it. Alternatively you can build your own dossier structure from scratch.

Q: I am missing an essential functionality. What can I do?
A: You can report a feature request to CropLife Europe. This will help CropLife Europe to decide about the future strategy. In addition, interested companies may then join forces to extend the software and share implementation costs.

Q: We are interested to use the software and want to extend it. How can we do this?
A: CropLife Europe will provide the source code free of charge to interested parties, upon individual request and in the spirit that extension of common interest will be made available to the public again. Please contact the CropLife Europe eSubmission builder help desk for questions.

Q: I am missing full-fleged documentation like installation manual, user manual and operations manual 
A: CropLife Europe will not maintain the eSubmission builder like a software company. Basic information is provided, but knowledge of dossier building as well as IT knowledge for installation and operation is assumed to be present and at hand in the company. Contributions for documentation are also welcome.

Q: Can this software be used in the cloud, also with multiple users?
A: The technical architecture has been designed to be cloud-ready. The current release is built as single-user desktop-only system and a a couple of changes would need to be applied to deploy on a cloud environment. Please contact the CropLife Europe eSubmission builder help desk in case you are interested to implement and contribute this functionality.

Q: I need new / different values for the picklists than currently present. What can I do?
A: The curent picklist values are derived from the GHSTS standard. Most picklists are defined as “open” – meaning you can add adhoc new values when the picklists are used in metadata fields of entities (e.g. documents or dossiers). If you consider the picklist management an essential feature, please report a feature request to CropLife Europe.