Registration for download

Thank you for your interest in the software and related assets provided by CropLife Europe. Direct downloads without prior registration have been disabled in Q1/2023. CLE would kindly ask to register the legal entity (using the software, not only the IT provider) to support us in the following tasks with relation to the software and related assets on the eSubmission website:

  • Optimization of CLE’s software development;
  • Organization of the software support activities;
  • Better understanding of the user community and needs;
  • Ability to contact users in case of software issues and/or to notify new releases

In order to

  • receive an email with your permanent personal download links to the complete software and related assets (free of charge)
  • to be eligable to issue software support requests

please register your authority / your company once at CLE by filling out the form in the PDF registration form and send the completed form as PDF attachment to with the subject CLESoftwareRegistration (important – click on the previous email for an example). You can supply an additional IT contact, but we would want the using legal entity to register, not the IT provider. Do not post-process this PDF file (no “Print to PDF” or similar) to allow the automatic extraction of your PDF form data. You should get an automated response by email within minutes, please eventually check your spam folder. If you do not get a response within 20 minutes, please send an email to ,  stating that your registration is failing. You will then get your registration sent manually during regular business hours.

CLE processes your data in accordance with the CLE privacy policy and specifically for the purposes stated above.

For more details, please see the PDF registration form.

In case of any questions, please contact us!