eSubmission builder

Many dossiers are still not submitted in a harmonized electronic dossier format, often due to the lack of availability of a dossier management and publication tool. Authorities are about to individually develop web portals, leading to intransparent, labor-intensive and error-prone manual information collection as well as to an increasing lack of harmonization and possibility of data exchange within the regulatory world.

In order to further promote CADDY and GHSTS as vehicles for standardized dossier submission processes, the CropLife Europe eSEG group is proud to present a standalone free-to-use eSubmission Builder software.

The following screenshots give you an impression of the functionality and look-and-feel of the software:


Dossier Perspective

Document Perspective

Why a CropLife Europe eSubmission builder ?

  • Boosts electronic submissions in companies
  • Shows easy creation and management of reference data, documents and submissions in one tool, especially for small and medium-sized companies
  • Manages different versions of documents and dossiers
  • Easily submit a single dossier to multiple authorities with differentrequirements
  • Promotes identification and tracking of input from different legal entities
  • Provides transparency throughout the dossier life cycle
  • Simplifies work sharing
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves communication
  • License-free, non-proprietary and extensible

Key characteristics

  • Modern easy-to-use web-based solution
  • Single-user desktop application
  • Lightweight application to meet core needs of electronic submissions
  • Generates submissions in CADDY-xml (3/2022: version 03.08.01) and GHSTS format. Starting with version 1.2.0 in Q1/2023, the German authority BVL does now accept the latest CADDY version.
  • Contains both document management and dossier management functions with metadata fit for purpose
  • Different deployment options (easy extensibility to cloud deployment)
  • Source code available on demand
  • Extensible to fit individual needs (e.g. connection to inhouse systems, custom metadata)
  • Commercial extensions and services are permitted

Release roadmap

After a public testing phase in 2020, the first version 1.0.0 has been released in February 2021. A follow-up release has been released in 3/2021, including a module to upload information to IUCLID.

The release 1.2.0 has been released in March 2023, containing a few bugfixes. The IUCLID upload functionality has been removed, due to the parallel development of the IUCLID Integration Platform.

As of now (Q1/2023), no further functional updates are planned by CLE. The CropLife Europe eSEG invites all parties to contribute to and maintain the eSubmission builder.

Further available information and help

Further information about the eSubmission builder:

Contact and support information

There are a number of contact options via Email (clicking the link should open your email program automatically):

Please note that CropLife Europoe can only provide generic and software-related support and cannot assist with specific installation or integration issues. You are invited to still raise a support request so CropLife Europe has an overview of the types of usages and issues.