Dossier Table of Contents

This section contains reference information about Table of Contents (ToC). A Table of Content (ToC) is the hierachical structure of data requirements with which the documents in the dossier are to be organized. A ToC is underlying all kinds of submission format and media, including paper. Therefore a ToC is not specific to a certain submission format.

Table of Contents are defined and managed by authorities, usually in semi-structured document format, following the legal framework in a country or region. For the usage in electronic submissions they need to be represented in a structured format, e.g. Excel or XML. This section serves as repository for ToC information in a structured format that have been extracted from the available legal documentation. It contains only non-binding information of Table of Contents that are of relevance for eSubmission standards like GHSTS and CADDY and where CropLife Europe plays an active role in the transformation into Excel or XML format. It is not indended to serve as a repository for arbitrary ToCs in the crop protection domain.

This site is not an authoritative offical source of ToC information. Use at own risk and align with the authority to verify what ToC is to be used in your specific context.


The Table of Contents in this section fall in two categories:

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ToCs used in eSubmission formats

GHSTS and CADDY are open to any ToC and vary only slightly in the way, how ToC information is represented in the XML backbone. Both standards have defined a separate XSD to describe ToCs in XML format.

For CADDY often the term “CADDY-ToC” is used, even if there is no specific ToC for CADDY. Eventually the ToC coming from authorities need slight modifications  to accomodate for the technical definition of ToCs within CADDY, e.g. the limitation to 100 characters for a ToC entry. Therefore widely used terms like “CADDY-TOC (OECD)”, “CADDY-TOC (revised EU)” should rather read “OECD ToC prepared for CADDY publications” and “Revised EU ToC prepared for CADDY publications”.