What’s new

This page is intended to provide up-to date information about the CropLife Europe IUCLID Integration Platform (IIP). The information heavily depends on the feedback of the users of the IIP, so please share your findings:

  • Current scope and limitations
  • Known and reported bugs (please report bugs to the development team)
  • Raised feature requests (please report feature request for essential features)

If you are not sure about your observations, please contact the help desk.

Latest version

The latest version of the IIP is version 1.3.0, developed and tested with IUCLID6 v7.0.4.

Release date: June 11th, 2023

Known issues

IIP versions 1.2.1 and below will not properly work with IUCLID6 v7 versions, as ECHA introduced new (undocumented) document header attributes. Please upgrade to IIP 1.3.0.

June 21st: In rare cases there may be issues when processing picklist values in IEF files, as IUCLID returns language dependent picklist values without the proper control about the language and with nondeterministic behavior. A similar issue can be observed in the IUCLID interface. An ECHA ticket has been created.

Release notes

The release notes of the latest IIP release listing the new features / improvements / fixes can be found in the IIP Downloads section (requires prior registration).

Last update: June 11th, 2023