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This page is intended to provide up-to date information about the CropLife Europe IUCLID Integration Platform (IIP). The information heavily depends on the feedback of the users of the IIP, so please share your findings:

  • Current scope and limitations
  • Known and reported bugs (please report bugs to the development team)
  • Raised feature requests (please report feature request for essential features)

If you are not sure about your observations, please contact the help desk.

Latest version

The latest version of the IIP is version 1.5.0, developed and tested with IUCLID6 v8.0.1.

Release date: May 15 2024

Next planned release

The next release is planned for July 2024. Subsequent releases with new functionality are currently planned until mid 2025. The exact release cycle is not yet determined.

Known issues

Version 1.5.0

  • When turning on the advanced editor with the hotkey Strg-Q and not the mouse, the editor will not be displayed in the field currently in focus, but only in the subsequent field in focus
    • Note: The toggle for advanced editors currently also includes the picklist support. In a future version, the toggle will only influence the advanced editors having the small overlay window. The picklist value assistance will always be present.
  • Richtext fields behave slightly different in terms of navigation and selection in the document pane
  • The pasting of texts into the fields of the advanced editor (e.g. remarks) is not supported
  • Keyboard navigation with arrow keys gets “stuck” at tables and richtext fields
  • In tables, the Return key confirms the input to a field and moves to the field below. There is no keyboard command to confirm the entry and navigate to the field to the right (like arrow keys)
  • The autocompletion of partial picklist values with the Return key does sometime not return the correct value. The selection from the displayed with Mouse or keyboard works always.
  • Tab key in maximized text / richtext controls puts focus on wrong application element

Release notes

The release notes of the latest IIP release listing the new features / improvements / fixes can be found in the IIP Downloads section (requires prior registration).

Last update: May 15, 2024