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This page is intended to provide up-to date information about the CropLife Europe IUCLID Integration Platform (IIP). The information heavily depends on the feedback of the users of the IIP, so please share your findings:

  • Current scope and limitations
  • Known and reported bugs (please report bugs to the development team)
  • Raised feature requests (please report feature request for essential features)

If you are not sure about your observations, please contact the help desk.

Latest release

The latest version of the IIP is version 1.2.0

Releasedate: Jan 20th, 2023

This version has been developed and tested with IUCLID version 6.27.2. The next IIP release is scheduled for end of Q2 2023, after the next major IUCLID release in April 2023. However, this IIP version will also work with that new updated IUCLID version, provided that ECHA does not change core features of their API, which are not planned and announced as of now.

Major changes:

  • Support of import (and export) of all document types and most entities (excluding the irrelevant entities site, contact, legal entity, article), including metadata and attachments
  • Automatic suggestion of update candidates based on document type and document name.
  • Finalization of CSV-type import and export format, now called IEF (IUCLID Exchange Format), made for automatic generation (not human-readable)
    • A documentation of the format is available in a separate PDF and can also be found in the downloads section of our website.
  • Completion of the validation of all field types (see details in the format PDF)
  • Improved import and export handling, including blocking of application for long-lasting operations
  • New error display for validation errors on the IEF file level (all jobs) and job level (right side). This display will be used also in future, when validating the input via the frontend (copy/paste)
  • In Demo Mode annotations are used to tag documents for optional later deletion
  • Various smaller improvements to raise usability and robustness
  • A test suite for the IUCLID format used in future internally by us for every new release.

Previous versions

The release information of the previous outdated releases can be found here.

Current scope and limitations

The following constraints are to be considered:

Technical constrains:

  • The IIP can be operated with an on-prem installation of an IUCLID server where the REST API is accessible. ECHA does not support the REST API in IUCLID instances in the ECHA cloud.
  • The IIP has a very similar technical architecture as IUCLID, but without a database, which is not required. It has been tested with local installations, but can connect with any IUCLID instance that can be accessed from the computer (server or desktop) where IIP is installed.
  • If the IIP and the IUCLID instance are in different networks separated by a proxy server, the connection from the IIP to the IUCLID server may fail. In this case, the proxy information has to be supplied as JVM parameters either in the startup scripts of the application server or in its admin consule. This has to be tested individually. Please consult your local IT for details.

Tabular data edit:

  • For picklists with remarks, only the pasting of the picklist is supported.
  • Hierarchical picklists are not supported as of now.
  • Table cells support pasting, but no keyboard editing or deletion. To delete a cell value, paste an empty value from the clipboard.
  • Currently unsupported table columns are greyed out.

Last update: Jan 21st, 2023