IUCLID Integration Platform – Downloads

Title Version Description Release Date Size Download
IUCLID Integration Platform 1.4.0 IUCLID Integration Platform (as zip file) 2024-03-22 236 MB Link
Release Notes 1.4.0 Release notes, updated for IIP version 1.4.0 2024-03-22 104kB Link
Installation manual 1.2.0 Installation and configuration manual, updated for IIP version 1.3.0 2023-06-11 537kB Link
IEF format description 1.3 PDF file – for IEF format 1.0, updated for IIP version 1.4.0 2024-03-22 604kB Link
IEF documentation templates in XLS format 7.0.4 IEF documentation per document type in Excel; generated for IUCLID version 7.0.4. Please note the two separate worksheets per Excel file.
This documentation can be auto generated by the IIP itself, from version 1.4.0 onwards.
Note: As of now (in IIP 1.4.0), these are Excel files only for documentation purposes, to ease the understanding of IEF files. These Excel files cannot (yet) be filled and imported by the IIP.
2023-07-04 5MB Link