OECD Table of Contents


This section is about the Dossier Table of Contents needed to support registrations of active ingredients, plant protection products and microorganisms in the OECD.

The files available for download (check your download page that you receive after your registration) are extracted from the respective legal OECD framework, converted to PDF and partly modified (e.g. some titles are shortened due to node heading length restrictions within CADDY). The information can be used to be imported into the dossier management systems for the correct creation and publication of dossiers. This information is provided only for reference purposes.

Based on the OECD guidance documents for pesticide registration a new table of contents for the usage within the EU were prepared by a Commission Working Group including representatives of the Commission, the Member States and CropLife Europe.  From January 2005, the OECD numbering system has been mandatory in the EU. To facilitate conversion from the earlier EU numbering system to other numbering systems, the crosswalk information to the system previously used in the EU and other countries are included in the PDF.

Registration of active ingredients and products

A ToC for the registration of active ingredients and products is published in PDF format, based on the following two PDF from “Appendix 6 Format for the listing of test and study reports and other documentation”:

Registration of microorganisms

A ToC for the registration of microorganisms is published in PDF format.