This site contains information about standards and tools for electronic submissions in the domain of crop protection that are provided or supported by CropLife Europe.

These are the topics of the main top menus:

  • Dossier Table of Contents – collects reference information about ToCs that can be used with submission formats like CADDY or GHSTS
  • GHSTS – about the OECD-maintained eSubmission standard
  • CADDY – contains information and downloads for the CADDY-xml standard maintained by CropLife Europe
  • eSubmission tools – describes the software provided by CropLife Europe to support electronic submissions in CADDY and GHSTS
  • IUCLID Integration Platform – a software to support efficient data upload and data entry into IUCLID
  • About-us – information about the eSEG group providing the information on this site, as well how to get technical support

If you are interested in commercial services about electronic submissions, please see the Links page.

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About eSEG

The information on this webpage is maintained by the eSEG (electronic submission expert group) within CropLife Europe. For more information see the About page.

About CropLife Europe

This website is maintained on behalf of CropLife Europe. More information can be found on the CropLife Europe website.